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Electrically paced (1Hz) adult rabbit ventricular myocytes freshly isolated were acutely exposed to doxo (1µM) in the presence and apraxie of IAA-94 (10µM) or DIDS (0.1 mM). Peak shortening was monitored during 6h. The effects of PI3kinase/Akt inhibitors (wortmannin, 100nM ; LY 294002, 20µM), Akt inhibitor IV (50µM), an Erk ½ inhibitor (PD 098059, 10µM), a NOS inhibitor (L-NAME, 1 mM), a mTOR inhibitor (rapamycin, 5µM) and a PKC inhibitor (chelerythrine, 2µM) were investigated in these conjoncture.