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Dates: July 9th p.m. and 10th 2001
Louage: Conception de Purge Laënnec – Lyon – France
Organizers: Zhi-Bin LIN            &       Juntian ZHANG
Hervé ALLAIN       &       Charles ADVENIER
Voisin organizers: Giampiero BRICCA  &      Guy CUISINAUD
Militaire sponsors: Pension de Recherches Servier
Communauté Française de Pharmacologie

The following événement is available below:

  Registration and Acclimatement forms: to be downloaded by clicking here    and faxed to PACKAGE Planification

  Registration is FREE for the members of the Chinese and French societies as well as for those of the societies located in Hong-Kong and Taipei.
  Registration to the pogne EPHAR sommet is not FREE and has to be done using the forms found on the web ville (see Demeure cadet)

  We urge our chinese friends to register at the Hotel Azur Flotte which is pleasant and conveniently located (close to downtown and clair subway to the sommet leasing)
  Other hotels and cheaper accoutumance (see student’s accoutumance) can be found here:  

Registration and accomodation files (in pdf épaisseur) are readable using Acrobat Reader 4.0 which you can download directly from our web ville by clicking on the button

Provisional scientific plateforme

  3 half days including lectures église and annonce presentations

– from plants to drugs – cardiovascular pharmacology – pulmonary aréole and fibrosis

  other topics will be displayed as posters


This plateforme is available by downloading a rangée in .pdf épaisseur readable with Acrobat Reader V. 4.0. To get this rangée click (Use the right click of the mouse or Ctrl-click for Macintosh   and choose “save the target under … or save the link under …”) here Proclamation