Mercredi 25 Mars


Mercredi 25 Mars

Sessions simultanées de communications orales :

15h 30 – 16h 30

Session 28 : Neuro-pharmacologie Salle BOFFRAND


Modérateurs :??? 1/ Effects of serotoninergic antidepressants in the forced swimming test in wild type and 5HT1B knockout mice. Trillat AC, Malagié I, Colombel MC, Jacquot C, Bourin M, Hen R, Gardier AM. 276 2/ Malonate-induced oxidative stress triggers a deleterious inducible no-synthase (NOS 2) activity in the rat striatum. Lecanu L, Margaill I, Boughali H, Cohen-Tenoudji B, Boulu RG, Plotkine M. 277 3/ Imidazoline specific binding sites in synaptosomal plasma membranes of the bovine brainstem. Heemskerk FMJ, Dontenwill M, Greney H, Vonthron C, Bousquet P. 278 4/ Isoform-specific alterations of human apolipoprotein E properties by oxidation.

Jolivalt C, Leininger-Muller B, Bertrand P, Herber R, Christen Y, Siest G. 279

Session 29 : Pharmacologie cardiovasculaire : Protection myocardique Salle BOFFRAND


Modérateurs :??? 1/ Effects of KATP channel modulators on membrane lipid damages and arrhythmias induced by myocardial ischemia-reperfusion.” Rouet R, Picard S, Duval D, Ducouret P, Libersa C, Gérard JL. 280 2/ Antioxidative properties of pyruvate and protection of the ischemic rat heart during cardioplegia. Dobsak P, Courderot-Masuyer C, Zeller M, Vergely C, Eicher JC, Wolf JE, Rochette L. 281 3/ Lack of late preconditioning against myocardial stunning in coronary flow-limited exercising dogs. Parent de Curzon O, Ghaleh B, Hittinger L, Giudicelli JF, Berdeaux A. 282 4/Aminoguanidine decreases the protective effect of endotoxine in rats exposed to hyperoxia.

Maupoil V, Boussat S, Berthelot A, Kantelip JP, Barale F, Capellier G. 283

Session 30 : Pharmacovigilance Salle BOFFRAND


Modérateurs :??? 1/ Hepatox : an updated database and an avoidance tool. Biour M. 284 2/ Enregistrement exhaustif national du syndrome de Reye. Autret-Leca E, Jonville-Béra AP, Llau ME, Bavoux F, Saudubray JM, Laugier J, Devictor D, Goujard J. 285 3/ Adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients : a prospective study in a department of internal medicine. Lagnaoui R, Fach J, Longy-Boursier M, Moore N, Bégaud B. 286 4/ Vaccination DTCP ± HIB et mort subite du nourrisson agé de 30 à 90 jours : Etude cas-témoins.

Jonville-Béra AP, Autret-Leca E, Barbeillon F, Monin P, Lequien P, Breart G, et les Centres Français de référence sur la mort subite du nourisson. 287