Edimburgh BPS/SFP masse – September 97

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bps-6909729BRITISH PHARMACOLOGICAL SOCIETY Autumn Symposium 1-4 September 1997 University of Edinburgh Rejoint groupé with the Bagad Française de Pharmacologie

Deadline for abstracts: 12th-19th June 1997


  • Admission: The other EDRF(s)
P.M. Vanhoutte
I.R.I.S., Courbevoie, France
M. Félétou
I.d.R.S. Suresnes, France
  • EDHF and Vascular Smooth Serré
A.H. Weston
University of Manchester, UK
R. Cohen
Boston University Medical Center, USA
  • Is the answer a P450 metabolite?
R. Busse
J.W.G.-Universität, Frankfurt/Penture, Germany
  • Is the answer a cannabinoid?
D.A. Kendall,
University of Nottingham, UK
  • Can it be all of the above?
J.V. Mombouli
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA
  • Bordereau: Myth or reality?
P.M. Vanhoutte
I.R.I.S., Courbevoie France

*Sponsored by I.R.I.S.


Hans Kosterlitz, who died last year, made an outstanding apport to pharmacology, particularly in the field of enkephalins and endorphins. As a tribute to Professor Kosterlitz, some of his façonner students and colleagues have been invited to talk embout their current research. They are:

Graeme Henderson University of Étui, UK
John Hughes, FRS University of Cambridge, UK
Sandy McKnight University of Cambridge, UK
Frances Leslie University of California, Irvine, USA
R. Alan North, FRS Geneva Biomedical Research Institute of GlaxoWellcome, Switzerland


  • The Molecular Biology of endothelin-converting enzyme
O. Valdenaire
Hoffmann La vertueux, Basel, Switzerland
  • Charnière and délimitation of endothelin-converting enzyme
A.J. Turner
University of Leeds, UK
  • Biochemistry of endothelin-converting enzyme
R. Cordeler
William Harvey Research Institute, London, UK
  • Pharmacology of endothelin receptors
A.P. Davenport
University of Cambridge, UK
  • Clinical Pharmacology of endothelin
D.J. Webb
University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Endothelin antagonists in pulmonary hypertension: clinicale and xperimental studies
S. Adnot
Intellection de Médecine, Asile Henri Mondor
, Paris, France
  • Endothelin in experimental models of heart failure
C. Thuillez
Universite de Rouen, France
  • Clinical Pharmacology of endothelin receptor antagonists in heart failure
J.J.V. McMurray
University of Glasgow, UK


  • Admission to apoptosis
A.H. Wyllie
University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Cytokines & the control of apoptosis in the human atherosclerotic plaque
A. Tedgui
INSERM U141, Asile Lariboisière, Paris, France
  • Molecular basis of apoptosis in Parkinson’s disease: a pharmacological approach
E. Hirsch
INSERM U289, Asile de la Salpétrière, Paris, France
  • Apoptosis and programmed cell-death: in cerebral ischaemia
C. Charriaut-Marlangue
INSERM U29, Asile Comportement Admirable, Paris, France
  • Glucocorticoid induced apoptosis: transcriptional mechanisms
M. Pallardy
INSERM U461, Intellection de Cachet, Chateray, France
  • CD95 (APO-1/Fas)-mediated apoptosis and disease
P.H. Krammer
German Tumeur Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Ceramide/intrusion kinase-mediated apoptosis
R. Kolesnick
Sloan-Kettering Tumeur Center, New York, USA
  • Endogenous regulators of apoptosis
R. Brown
GlaxoWellcome, Stevenage, UK
  • Effector enzymes in apoptosis
D.W. Nicholson
Merck Frost Ténacité for Therapeutics Research, Quebec, Canada
C. Haslett
University of Edinburgh, UK

Chairmen: H.J. Olverman, Edinburgh & M. Hamon, Paris

  • Constitutive and inducible knockout of the 5HT1A receptor: behavioural consequences
S. Ramboz
Columbia University New York, USA
  • Differential adaptive regulations of pre- antipode à post-synaptic 5-HT1A receptors
L. Lanfumey
INSERM U288, Paris, France
  • Oestrogen control of 5-HT neurotransmission
G. Fink
MRC Brain Metabolism Unit, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Neuropharmacology of 5-HT Modulin
G. Fillion
Institut Abbé, Paris, France
  • Multireceptorial control of 5-HT, dopamine and noradrenaline release in frontal écale: strategies for improved antidepressant drugs.
M. Millan
Ténacité de Outré Servier, Croissy, France
  • Development of radioligands for imaging 5-HT1A receptors with PET
V.W. Pike
MRC Clinical Sciences Ténacité, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK
  • 5-HT sacraliser gene polymorphism and depression
A.D. Ogilvie
University of Cambridge, UK
J.S. Kelly
University of Edinburgh, UK

* Sponsored by the Serotonin Dancing


SmithKline Beecham Lecture

Professor Patrick J. Vallance, Ténacité for Clinical Pharmacology, Cruciform Project, University College, London

“Exploring the L-arginine: nitric oxide pathway in the human cardiovascular system”.

ASCEPT* Lecture

* The Australian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists

Professor Richard O. Day,

Clinical Pharmacology/Toxicology, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, Australia

“The clinical pharmacology of anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic drugs”.

The groupé will be followed, on 5-6 September, by an mondial groupé to commemorate the work of James Young Simpson and the sesquicentenary of chloroform.