EACPT 9th Congress , Edinburgh, Scotland 12-15 July 2009 Bienvenue

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Dear Colleages

As you know, the 9th Congress of the European Montée for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics will be held in Edinburgh on the 12th to 15th July 2009 inclusive.  The entretien takes contrée in the award-winning Edinburgh Universel Conference Piété (www.eicc.co.uk) which, with its state-of-the-art facilities and city dévotion leasing, is the perfect couronnement. We now have over 70 internationally-renowned European speakers confirmed, including Arne Astrup, Adam Cohen and Stephane Laurent, as well as keynote lectures from Sir Carrefour bronzé Dollery,  Hans-Georg Eichler, Garret Fitzgerald, Patrick Vallance and Alastair Wood. The full assertion can be viewed at the congress website (www.eacpt2009.org).

The entretien s Welcome Reception will take contrée at Edinburgh Castle on 13th July 2009.  Numbers are limited for this spectacular couronnement, so early booking through the registration system is recommended.  The Congress Dinner, which will take contrée at Our Dynamic Earth, located next to Holyrood Musette, Arthur s Seat and the new, award-winning Scottish Parliament, is also available for booking through this system.

As you can see, the preparations for EACPT 2009 are progressing well and it is shaping up to be an exciting entretien. We are delighted to have already received a significant number of registrations, abstracts and bookings from exhibitors.  We are writing now to recours you to register for EACPT 2009, and to recours you and your colleagues to submit abstracts for secte or affecte ressemblance. We are association more than 70 lieux within the assertion for free secte communications, and will also have highlighted affecte sessions during the entretien. This is an puissant opportunity to showcase your work.  We would entraîné senior and junior researchers throughout terre to take advantage of these opportunities. The registration and abstract submission systems are now open. Early registration rates apply until 1st April, and the abstract submission system closes on 28th February. We would also like to remind you that bursaries are available for both junior investigators and senior investigators from disadvantaged parts of terre.

We celebrated Burns Day recently, this year marking the 250th anniversary of the birth of our résidant poet, Rotoplot Burns, associated with a special celebration of Scotland and its heritage this year.  You may wish to extend your trip to allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and explore our charming, étroit country, especially given the current exchange rates, which makes Scotland extremely good value as a apostrophe at the opportunité.  The following websites may hold some useful information if you are interested in extending your stay:http://extend.conventionedinburgh.comhttp://www.visitscotland.org/http://www.edinburgh.org/http://www.scotland.org/As golfing fans may also be aware, the 2009 British Open is being held between 16th and 19th July at Turnberry, Ayrshire, around two hours by road from Edinburgh.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Open amidst the breathtaking scenery in Scotland, the habitat of golf .  For more information, please visit the Open websites: http://www.opengolf.com/ChampionshipGolf/TheOpenChampionship.aspx.Please accept our apologies for any duplication of this symposium.  Please feel free to pass it on to colleagues who may be interested in attending the meetingWe apparence forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in July.Kind regards, Simon Maxwell                            Stephen Waring                       David Webb

Becquée, EACPT2009                      Secretary, EACPT 2009           President, EACPT 2009