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Très chers membres,

Merci de bien vouloir prêter attention à l’appel de l’IUPHAR sur l’enquête décrite ci-dessous, menée par l’OMS et ayant pour objet  les INN, International Nonproprietary Names.

Vous trouverez en bas de page le lien pour participer à cette enquête, dont la deadline est le 31 mars 2016 :

Dear IUPHAR Member Societies’ Officers, Executive Committee members and Chairs,

Please see the below invitation from the World Health Organization (WHO) International Nonproprietary Names (INN) Programme.  The IUPHAR officers concur that this brief international survey represents an opportunity to begin to harmonize the many naming conventions currently applied to prescribed medicine.  We encourage you to immediately share this invitation with the members of your societies and/or your colleagues to please take a minute to complete the online survey consisting of 10 multiple choice questions to help generate reliable world-wide data.  Thank you!

Lynn LeCount, CMA, Administrative Officer, on behalf of the IUPHAR officers, President S.J. Enna, Secretary General Michael Spedding, and Treasurer Petra Thürmann (

Dear Professor Hoppu,

My name is Raffaella Balocco and I am leading the INN Programme at WHO.

I take the liberty to contact you as recently a new project for a School of INN (SOI) was established to promote education in INN nomenclature of pharmaceutical substances targeting different health professionals and pharmaceutical industry. A question frequently raised concerns the utilization, or not, of INN in teaching (pharmacy, pharmacology, medicine and science) in universities all over the world. Do professors use INN or brand-trade names? The objective of the School of INN is also to work more closely with faculties, universities and health schools all over the world to promote use of INN in education and training of students and health professionals.

The first action is a survey launched, targeting different professional organizations, four Universities proposed as pilots and MedNet members. A self-explanatory letter is attached.

I would be most grateful if IUPHAR could participate in the survey and if you could forward this request to the IUPHAR executive secretariat for consideration. Kindly see the below URL link. The survey will close on 31 March 2016.

id: SoINN

password: soinn

Domain: DataCol